Best Opportunity

I started with GSM in February of 2009. I left GSM to seek full-time employment. In June of 2010, the full-time job that I had obtained was downsized and I was laid off. Uncertain of what to do, I went back to GSM and told them my situation. Within a few short weeks, they found me a job. I started working at a pet food manufacturer in June of 2010 in a warehouse position. In the months that followed, I filed a resignation because I needed to do something for my family that could affect my work. My life started to fall apart because I couldn’t find a job and I can’t go back to ask 3rd opportunity in GSM.


I felt sad that time because I couldn’t find job and the worst part was no one was accepting me for the jobs that I was applying for. Until I read this review from Landing interviews guaranteed. This guy was amazing because he helped me a lot and I’ve got the exact tips and guides that I needed. The first interview that I had was successful but I didn’t like their salary so I proceeded to the next job opportunity. I feel grateful because it became easy for me to get a job with those tips that I learned.



Since then, I have gained a wide variety of skills, became employee of the month, had perfect attendance every quarter, developed key communication, writing, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills. Also, I have become a role model to my peers.  I am happy because I didn’t expect this opportunity that I have now.